Operated by Tiago Brissos and Vivienne Wong, Northside is a boutique photography studio based in Northcote. Both Tiago and Vivienne are experienced photographers with a passion for modern, high-quality imagery and a commitment to customer service. 
Creatively, Northside’s goals are about crafting imagery that is engaging and inspiring. 
Commercially, Northside’s goals are about sharing our commitment to quality with a small portfolio of discerning clients in a manner that is efficient, timely and consistent with client objectives.
Northside offers a range of professional photography services including:
Commercial Photography
Residential Real Estate Photography 
Commercial Real Estate Photography
Rural Real Estate Photography
Aerial and Drone Photography 
Commercial and Residential Video Production
Social Media Content
We work with creative agencies, real estate agencies, builders, architects, property developers, local businesses, makers and creatives and would love to work with you too.
Write us a line, we'd love to hear from you!
Thank you!
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